About Me & the Blog


Hi! I am Panchali.

Born into a Bengali family, ever since childhood, I was exposed to a whirlwind of art & culture. Clichés that you may associate with Bengalis, I got to live a fair share of those. Every morning I would wake up to Rabindra Sangeet or at least Vividh Bharti being played on some old transistor. Mythological stories, narrated by my grandparents, were my weekend reverie. On being the elder daughter in a Bengali household, I was almost compulsorily sent for classical dance classes and taught how to paint, let alone the several failed attempts to get me trained in Rabindra Sangeet. Something that I would take pride of later in life. Friends get to witness my limited singing skills even today but only after I gulp down a few pegs 😛 😉

Despite persisting attempts by my parents, it was not until I got older, an age when I started choosing interests for myself that I fell in love with this desi living. I started exploring stories by Rabindranath Tagore, went out of syllabus to fall in love with tales by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Like most Bengalis, I am unable to dissociate between English Literature and William Shakespeare. No surprise in guessing the outcome – I grew up to become a writer by profession (in the corporate sector though). I have the heart of a writer (no guesses there), yet expressing my interests was never a forte. Have tried my hand at blogging before but it read more like a teenager’s rant. However, with age, my interest in fashion & lifestyle, aesthetic living, art & music, and visiting places is escalated.

All my life I remained a frog in a well until marriage finally uprooted me from Kolkata and I was debarked at Pune. Initially, it was difficult looking beyond the cultural shock, however, in the next few months, I would get to explore life and living like never before. Got to meet people and make friends from different cultures and backgrounds. In the process, my mind, my interests, and life overall were nurtured.

To sustain this proliferation of diverse interests, it had become necessary to train my mind to work like a fountain.  The idea of expressing them through a creative medium was thus mooted.

After months of procrastinating, I am finally here to share some delightful stories, fashion anecdotes, DIY tales, travel experiences, and other random girl talks.


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