Pune to Lonavala and Back – Long Drive Chronicles!

Pune to Lonavala and Back – Long Drive Chronicles!

Tropical climate in India leaves little scope for us to experience a pleasant summer ever! Perhaps this year, India witnessed the most tormenting summer in many years. I was never a lover of Monsoon, yet the scorch this year was so severe that I couldn’t help but curse global warming for deferring rains.

As a child, the idea of romanticizing gloomy monsoon days never occurred to me. I saw my father revel at the thought of heavy showers. Like him, I knew many others who rejoiced if weekends were welcomed with a torrential downpour. Meanwhile, rains always made me grumpy. It meant getting stuck at home and then hoping that the connection to the cable network is not lost. I was no good at daydreaming on rainy days either.

Even as I grew up, rains seldom managed to impress me.  Lunch, however, was the only thing I would look forward to on a rainy day. I remember Mother serving us hot khichdi loaded with peas, potato, and cauliflower, with fried Hilsa or omelet on the side. I could never establish why bongs insisted on repeating this menu every time it rained on weekends, nonetheless, I have grown up obsessing over the same. My bong genes are at fault!

Anyways, unlike my days in Kolkata, rains no longer repulse me. Having said that, I have not started romanticizing it either. Nonetheless, monsoon definitely brings relief from the tormenting summer scorch and makes my weekends perfect for long drives. This fondness is, however, an influence of my husband’s love for long rides.

I was not alien to bae’s travel goals, but being in a long distance relationship gave us fewer opportunities of planning trips together. After spending the first few months of our marriage setting up our home in Pune, it was time to explore the Western Ghats at the onset of Monsoon in 2015. On our first long drive together from Pune to Lonavala, I discovered how beautiful the Western Ghats were. We covered several destinations together in the following months, but this has remained a special one. This year as Pune finally welcomes Monsoon, I have decided blogging about every place I visit and share my long drive experiences.

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And what better way to begin the series, than reminiscing our very first drive to Lonavala?