When I cancelled my order and re-ordered minutes later!

When I cancelled my order and re-ordered minutes later!

How many of you have been through this? Seriously I want to know :p

Online shopping apps have my tongue hanging every time they announce sale. These sites aim for nothing less than a mass slaughter especially at the start of every year. They offer attractive deals at the drop of a hat. It’s like you purchase a discounted item one day and on the next clearance sale the price of the same commodity drops further. Among the various situations that can stir frustration in you, this is an ideal one.

So the story goes like this – It was January already, when my cell phone kept showing notifications of attractive Republic Day sales across most of the online shopping sites. Much lucrative as they seem, oh how I wished getting my hands on a few anarkali kurtas. Like every other girl taking the pleasure of window shopping, I saved a couple of my favorites in the wishlist. With looming adult decisions, and tax declarations snoozing on top of my head, I decided curbing such revelries until the next salary.

As I waited impatiently for the Feb salary to be credited to my account, just the day before I was to place the order, the inevitable happened. Prices of one of the anarkalis I saved hiked! Well I wanted it, BAD! Not considering to wait for the price to drop again, guessing it won’t anytime soon, I placed the order. All contented, the next day when I logged in to the site, aah my luck! The anarkali I ordered was available at a 55% discount.

Being impulsive at core, this discount hit right through my heart like a bullet. Unable to endure even for a minute, I decided to cancel the order as it wasn’t shipped yet and reordered my purchase without proper research. Myntra was really prompt in cancelling the order and processing the refund. Yoohoooo no complaints! So now I could order the anarkali at a discounted price of Rs. 674 and add a couple of hundreds back to my savings account (yes for a guilt-free shopping saving even a penny serves well).

However, what I missed noticing was the minimum purchase for free delivery. With the new order I had to shed over a hundred rupees to get the same anarkali delivered. Well, I could barely save a few bucks, insignificant enough, for all this ordeal.

And there goes my story.

Here is the link to the kurti – https://www.myntra.com/kurtas/aks/aks-women-multicoloured-printed-anarkali-kurta/1673857/buy

So if you would want to see the anarkali behind the saga, simply scroll down and let me know if it was worth such altercations!