Our Weekend Trip to Kashid-Vihour

Our Weekend Trip to Kashid-Vihour

Whether you are a homemaker lodged within confines of your home as daily chores drive you crazy, or a professional, struggling against odds to tame your career, there comes a point when your heart aches for a little recess. A few days to bail out before resuming mundane errands. Even if you have an extravagant tour marked on the calendar, stealing a day or two for a humble weekend getaway could be a welcome change.

Visiting beach destinations, for instance, is ideal if you live in Bengal, considering the several options you could have in the kitty. Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, it is about exploring the Western Ghats. A few days back our friends proposed visiting Kashid for an extended weekend. Much to my relief, husband seemed perfectly fine with the idea. Planning took no more than a few days because the dates of traveling were already fixed. The only thing left was to zero down a perfect stay, which would allow our friends’ Labrador to stay without any fuss. Our paw babies need occasional getaways as well, don’t they?

While exploring pocket-friendly options for the stay, considering Scooby, the Labrador pup was to come along, we stumbled upon this decent-looking villa a few kilometers (13 km to be exact) away from Kashid in a place called Vihour, which would be our home for the next few days. Closer to Murud-Jinjira, Vihour seemed straight out of our reverie at the very first sight.

With virgin beaches, it is a small village, home to a handful of families. In fact, our Villa, called Mati Guest House, was possibly up for renovation, for we could easily say that we were the first guests after a long time. We could smell the fresh paint on walls and rooms were yet to be furnished hotel-like. Hence the rent for a weekend proved quite pocket-friendly.

As we drove closer to Vihour our mobile signals were lost. On reaching we discovered only one of our cell phones caught network and that too from a specific corner of the house. It might seem primitive to many, for us it was the perfect excuse to revel amidst nature for the next two days sans worldly worries.

So we were in a destination sans network, nor did our rooms have a television (unexpected) – A perfect ploy by nature to have nothing else to focus on but immerse in its beauty. The secluded villa was graciously perched amidst nature, looking onto the mighty Arabian Sea. I don’t remember for how long I kept gazing at the Arabian Sea from our balcony. Watching the sunset and then trying to draw pictures running imaginary lines across stars as the night grew beautiful.




You could watch the vlog post on our Vihour trip @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX6bwdLH9XE&feature=youtu.be